San Pellegrino Pass

The Hotel on the San Pellegrino Pass

The Costabella was the first hotel to be built on the San Pellegrino Pass, the famous Alpine pass which links Moena, in Val di Fassa, with Falcade, in Belluno. This pass saw the construction of one of the first ever ski lifts in wood, a symbol of the boundless passion for the sport of skiing. 

Things to do in the San Pellegrino Pass?  

In the wintertime, it is the perfect destination for lovers of alpine sports. In fact, skiers can enjoy more than 100 km of ski runs at hand, immersed in a stunning panorama. For lovers of cross-country skiing, the Alochet cross-country skiing  centre with its 15 km, is ideal for long walks on mountain trails.
For lovers of excitement, the San Pellegrino Pass offers the opportunity to speed down snow-covered runs, thanks to special dinghies, even late into the evening. And it is not just children who go crazy for the Snow Tube: thrills for all ages!

In the summer, and the warmest months, guests at the Costabella can enjoy the mountains with the Organised walks, the nordic walking, the Cycling and Mountain biking! For those who love to venture into the untouched wilderness, the San Pellegrino Pass is full of trails specially for trekking. Patrizio will be delighted to advise guests on the most beautiful and interesting trails, offering useful suggestions on what to wear, the necessary equipment and the difficulty of the various walks; you need to be prepared when taking on the mountain!

San Pellegrino Pass: The Hotel Costabella has been built on years of history

During your walks, it is possible to reach the Costabella mountainside, the Monzoni Group or towards the Bocche peaks, where one can admire the trenches and the posts dug out during the First World War.

As well as being one of the most enchanting places in the Trentino area, the San Pellegrino Pass is also full of history: its name was inspired by the Pellegrini monks, who set up and run a hospice, which then became a hotel in the second half of the 1300s. Today, it is still possible to visit this historical place via numerous exhibitions and themed events.
From the endless high plains of the San Pellegrino Pass, you will soon be seduced by the majestic Marmolada, the highest mountain chain in the whole of the Dolomites; it is, in fact, no coincidence that it is also known as the “Queen of the Dolomites”.

The San Pellegrino Pass is a true blend of fun and nature; we look forward to seeing you at the Hotel Costabella to enjoy it all year round!
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