Pet Friendly

Costabella, the hotel in Val di Fassa for dogs and cats

Animals are welcome in our hotel in Val di Fassa. We would also love to welcome those from the surrounding forests, but until now we have only been visited by your cats and dogs ;-)

In this case, it is Dante who plays host, opening the doors of the Hotel Costabella as the chicest hotel in Val di Fassa for dogs, and going for a stroll when cats arrive.

There is no doubt that your dogs and cats are welcome here!

The hotel and pets: our rules

We strongly believe that animals are an integral part of our lives. We know how much love they give, and how much they are capable of making our days brighter. We fell this is so important that we have chosen to welcome dogs and cats to our hotel. 

Certain that everyone will understand, we must inform you that your furry friends cannot enter the areas of the wellness centre or the restaurant. We kindly ask you to bring a bed or cover to place where your pet sleeps. Any damage caused in the rooms will be charged to guests.

A daily charge of €14 is applied for each pet’s stay, permitting the adequate cleaning of the room after departure.

What should you bring for your pets?

Before leaving on holiday with your pets, we would like to remind you of a few useful details. Below you will find a brief summary of what may be useful during your stay:
  • Your pet’s passport or health log
  • Identifying tattoo or microchip
  • Litter tray and litter for cats, scoop and bags for dogs
  • Food and feeding bowls
  • First-aid kits
  • A few toys from home to make the journey less traumatic
  • Beds and covers

If by chance you forget something, there’s no need to worry: in Val di Fassa you will find various shops with everything you may need!
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