Val di Fassa

Things to do in Val di Fassa

Whether it’s the summer or the winter, if you are wondering what to do and see in Val di Fassa, you can be sure there will always be an interesting answer! With skiing, nordic walking and snowshoeing in the winter, bike rides, mountain biking and trekking in the summer, the valley is alive all year round!

The Hotel Costabella is located very close to the San Pellegrino Pass, right in the centre of the Val di Fassa, in the north-east of Trentino. The Valley is one of the areas which is most popular with tourists in the entire region. Tourists who decide to come here for their holidays have the opportunity to spend their time choosing between many different activities.
One of the most beautiful spectacles to see are the Dolomites, the undisputed Queens of Trentino, which are surrounded by age-old and legendary stories. The more imaginative visitors come here to enjoy the phenomenon of Aplenglow, when the mountains provide an incomparable spectacle, coloured by the sun in countless shades of red. Sunrise and sunset are the best moments to observe this moment, whether you are on a ski run or under a warm blanket in the Stube.

The Val di Fassa in a hotel

Strolling in the valley, it is easy to recognise some of the materials used to build the structure of the Costabella: wood and stone have a second lease of life, from the wilderness of the Val di Fassa to an Alpine hotel. This deep-set bond between the external and internal environment is something that Patrizio felt very strongly about, considering the valley as a home.

At times, the sun needs to take a break and leave room for a little rain. Click here to discover that to do in Val di Fassa when it rains! 

The Val di Fassa is the ideal place to take a break from the frenetic rhythm of everyday life and revitalise your spirit, in close contact with nature!
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