Trekking is one of the most practised activities during an holiday in Trentino. The long trails illuminated by the hot sun (be careful not to get burned!) will make your holiday in the San Pellegrino Pass an unforgettable experience.

Less expert walkers who want to go trekking in Val di Fassa can take advantage of the numerous guides who will lead them to discover the secrets of the Dolomites. Thanks to the fascinating stories and the ancient legends which form part of the Ladin culture, walks take on a decisively magical flavour!

Those who are more used to climbing will have the opportunity to take on the more challenging trails in the area, such as the via ferrate in Val di Fassa. Some of the most famous are Gardotti (Pozza di Fassa), Col Rodella (Campitello di Fassa), the Catinaccio Group and the Odle-Puez Group. All the ferrate are easily reached from the hotel.

Legend Trek 

The Alpine chain of the Dolomites offers us a truly moving trail: the Legend Trek, in Val di Fassa. This trail was created by a group of trekking enthusiasts in 2004. Their idea was to create a special itinerary, which crossed the most beautiful valleys of Trentino.

This walk begins from the San Pellegrino Pass, near to the Fuciade Refuge, and reaches the Costalunga Pass, going through breath-taking landscapes

The 6 stages of the Legend Trek which cross the Val di Fassa are:
  1. Departure from the San Pellegrino Pass (Fuciade Refuge), Arrival to Alba di Canazei (Contrin Refuge)
  2. Departure from Alba di Canazei (Contrin Refuge), Arrival in the Fedaia Pass (Marmolada E. Castiglioni Refuge)
  3. Departure from the Fedaia Pass, Arrival in Col Rodella (Des Alpes Refuge; Salei Refuge; Carlo Valentini Refuge)
  4. Departure from Col Rodella, Arrival in the Antermoia Refuge
  5. Departure from the Antermoia Refuge, Arrival in Gardeccia (Gardeccia Refuge; Stella Alpina Refuge)
  6. Departure from Gardeccia, Arrival in the Costalunga Pass
Are you ready for this wonderful adventure in the mountains? Remember to get the right equipment and clothing!
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