Practice nordic walking in Val di Fassa

Tourists that choose to spend their holidays in Trentino during the summer season should not miss out on nordic walking in Val di Fassa! This discipline consists simply in walking along mountain trails, with the use of special hand-held poles. During the walks, most of the muscles in the body are used; this is an excellent activity for staying in shape and at the same time for exploring untouched areas of the mountain landscape.

Nordic walking has deep-set roots. It was often practised in Val di Fassa by cross-country skiing experts who, unable to benefit from snow in the summertime, trained with tiring walks along these breathtaking trails.

From Costabella to the endless Dolomites

For tourists wanting to experience nordic walking in Val di Fassa, it is possible to start the adventure directly from our hotel. We suggest departing right from the Costabella, arriving to Lake Pozze, a delightful lake just three minutes away by car. After that, the drivable road finishes. It is here that the true spectacle begins! In the Conca di Fuciade there is an easy-to-walk route, which is even suitable for children and those who are taking on nordic walking in Trentino for the first time.

From this altitude, the view is really amazing. The Pelmo and the Civetta, famous peaks of the Dolomites in Val di Fassa and Agordino, reach high into the sky, almost as if they were part of a painting. From this point on, according to practicality and familiarity with the mountains, each walker can choose from a number of proposed trails. Clearly, sporting clothes are recommended, together with a rucksack to carry everything you need. 

If guests prefer to walk in company, nordic walking in Val di Fassa can also be done with instructors and expert guides.

We suggest you take advantage of this opportunity: healthy movement and mountain air!
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