A holiday in the Dolomites

Experiencing a holiday in the Dolomites means really getting in touch with nature, in a place free from smog, traffic and noise. Tourists staying at our Hotel Costabella can enjoy themselves with the many activities on offer, both in the winter and summer time.
Not everyone knows that the imposing Dolomites once lay under tropical seas, which covered the provinces of Trentino and Bolzano. This mountain chain is the result of thousands of years of erosion and climatic change. Furthermore, the Dolomites are also known as the “pale mountains”, due to an ancient and wonderful legend that we invite you to discover during our organised excursions!

The magic of the mountains at sunset

Our hotel is also perfect for romantic souls. The Costabella is located in an ideal position for admiring the spectacle of the mountains at sunset. The fiery red of the sun ignites the peaks of the Dolomites for a few minutes, making you feel truly in touch with the landscape.
Spending a few days in our hotel in the Dolomites is the perfect choice, both during the summer and the winter holidays as well as for long and holiday weekends.
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