The trails of the Great War in Trentino

The Val di Fassa was the theatre for many battles fought during the First World War. In those years, all of the Trentino region was part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire, and in 1914 it found itself fighting the Italian army.

The relics of those battles are perfectly preserved and can be visited by tourists who want to relive an important and touching part of Italian history. Among these trails from the Great War in Trentino, it is possible to see first-hand the forts, posts and trenches which were dug in that period.

First World War museums in Val di Fassa

Shortly after the war, the territory of the San Pellegrino Pass was full of relics and materials from the battles. Thanks to members of the association “Sul fronte dei ricordi”, these relcis were collected and preserved, in order to be made available for public viewing. The trails of the Great War in Trentino have been rendered safe, so that they can be explored by tourists.

As well as the association which nowadays takes care of keeping the memories of the past alive, another important museum regarding the Great War has been built: the Museum of the Marmolada. It is located at an altitude of almost 3000 metres, near the Serauta cable car. Inside, it is possible to book the interesting museum itinerary, which accompanies guests in a veritable journey through the Great War trails in Val di Fassa. The museum is approximately 40 km from our Hotel Costabella.

Afterwards, we would like to recommend other museums and exhibitions of the Great War in Val di Fassa:
  • The photographic exhibition “Su pei monti a guerreggiar” in Someda, (12 km from the hotel)
  • The private museum of the Great War 1914-1918 in the Fedaia Pass (30 km from the hotel)
  • The permanent exhibition on the Great War in the Pordoi Pass (40 km from the hotel)
  • 1914-1918 La Gran Vera, at the Navalge cinema-theatre in Moena (12 km from the hotel)

Val di Fassa is also history: rediscover it together with us and take advantage of the rich programme that we prepare every week!
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