Go snowshoeing in Trentino

Snowshoeing in Trentino is an experience that everyone should try. With snowshoes on your feet, you can reach untouched and uncontaminated locations which are normally impossible to admire.

Excursions with snowshoes in Val di Fassa are perfect for those who love the snow but who are unable to ski, or who simply prefer to explore new places by foot. With this sport, it is very easy to gain confidence, even after the first step, you will be able to walk easily even on trails which at first sight seem difficult. Your body will be exercised, your mind will be freed of incessant stress and your eyes will learn to appreciate the marvels of the woods and the snowy peaks.

Walking with snowshoes in Val di Fassa

To walk with snowshoes in Trentino, it is fundamental to choose professional and protective equipment, such as a waterproof jacket, warm clothes, suitable shoes, and poles. We suggest you choose your route according to your physical condition technical abilities; furthermore, walking in groups is safer and more fun.
Patrizio can give you valuable advice on what clothes to wear and the routes to take with snowshoes in Val di Fassa. His experience with excursions, trips and long walks has made him an expert on the subject!

Snowshoeing is a particularly cheap activity. During the walk, it is possible to stop in the refuges for a snack and a rest, enjoying a typical Val di Fassa dish or a glass of good Trentino wine.

The expert Alpine guides will be delighted to accompany you on this special journey. Treks with snowshoes can, in fact, be taken on by adults and by younger walkers. In a moment in which technology is becoming ever more present in their lives, the memories of these moments will be hard to forget.
Snowshoeing in Trentino is really exciting and we, from the Hotel Costabella, can confirm it. Maybe we are a little biased, but living in the midst of these panoramas really allow us to appreciate the marvel of these days spent in the midst of nature!
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