Vie ferrate in Val di Fassa

Reaching the highest points of the mountain is no longer a dream: by climbing the vie ferrate in Val di Fassa, you will really be able to touch the sky! The vie ferrate are equipped trails, which allow tourists to climb along trails which are very difficult to take.

With alpine guides at your side, or accompanied only by the nature around you, these trails are unique and full of suspense. For this discipline, the right equipment is essential, such as harnesses, helmets, ropes, karabiners and trekking boots. Appropriate physical training is fundamental, particularly for the more complex trails.

How to take on the vie ferrate in safety

Tourists who want to take on the Val di Fassa vie ferrate must understand the importance of having a good knowledge both of the area and the weather conditions. It is a very challenging sport; this is why we advise beginners to join a mountaineering school or to at least contact a guide to accompany them on their adventure.

One of the most popular equipped trails in Moena is the Marmolada Group. Situated at over 2800 metres, it has a trail which allows tourists to pass through rocks and tight passages dug into the earth in Val di Fassa during the Great War. It begins directly in the San Pellegrino Pass, just a short distance from our hotel. Along the way, various military relics can be found, which date back to the time of the First World War. This trail is defined as an open-air museum, providing a truly profound and touching experience.

A holiday in Val di Fassa, in Trentino, is an absolutely unique and singular experience: it is the opportunity to visit a place where important pieces of history can be found and, at the same time, admire things of beauty that humankind is capable of conserving and valorising.
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